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Red Maple Lake (Hongfeng)

Guiyang Red Maple Lake, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideLocated in the Hepingba County of Qingzheng City, the Red Maple Lake is the largest artificial lake in Guizhou with an area of 57 square kilometers, ten times as large as the West Lake in Hangzhou. With wide and deep water it is surrounded by green hills. On the lake you can see yachts running back and forth. This is a new scenic spot under the special protection of the state. Red Maple Lake was built in 1958 when a power station was established. Beside the lake there is the Red Maple Ridge with many red maple trees planted on and about it. In late fall, all the maple leaves turn red. That is how the lake got its name. The intricate combination of lake, the islands, the hills and caves forms a picture of unique beauty.

Guiyang Red Maple Lake, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideThe Hongfeng Lake is composed of the North, the South, the Middle and the Rear Lakes. The North Lake is known for its islands such as the birds Isle, the Snake Isle and the Turtle Isle; the South Lake is famous for its karst cave, among them the General's cave, the fishing Cave, the Underground Cave and the Big Mouth Cave; The Middle Lake, which connects the North Lake to the South Lake, is surrounded by precipitous mountains and covered with dense pine and cypress trees; and the Rear Lake is characterized by many branches of the river.

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