Wuyang River

Guiyang Wuyang River, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideLocated within Zhenyuan, Shibin and Huangping. counties, the Wuyang River scenic spot includes the Wuyang Three Gorges (Dragon King, West and East), Mount Yuntai, the Tiexi Stream, Zhenyuan-a well-known ancient cultural town and others. Covering 400 square kilometers, this scenic spot becomes one of the major tourist sites of the state for it is combined perfectly with the places of historic interest, the natural scenic beauty and the customs of he nationalities. The Wuyang Three Gorges, characterized by grotesque cliffs and green water running as long as 35 kilometers, is the main part of this spot. Wuyang River is famous for it picturesque mountain scenes and gently flowing water. It flows among mountains in eastern Guizhou, creating secluded caves, gurgling springs, rugged rocks, dangerous passes and spectacular waterfalls. Situated to the upper reaches of the Wuyang River, Mount Yuntai consists of ridges and peaks with great relief to form a fantastic karst landscape while many ancient temples, historic ruins and stone sculptures among the mountains may catch your eyes. A tributary of the Wuyang River is the Tiexi Stream where the rich natural vegetation covers both of its banks and the unusual cliffs and stones stand aloft along its valley.

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