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Zhijin Cave

Guiyang Zhijin Cave, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideLying in Zhijin County, 152 kilometers from Guiyang and 123 kilometers from Anshun, Zhijin Cave is the biggest treasury of cave resource, both in scale and peculiar shape, discovered in China at the moment. Standing on the entrance and overlooking, you can see an enormous relief consisting of innumerable stalagmite, stone curtain, stalacto-stalagmite, stone bottle, etc.

The cave is truly majestic, measuring over 30,000 square meters in area with a height of 185 meters (600ft) at its tallest and has clear, blue underground lakes and waterfalls. The unusual moonstones and the goose-neck growths in the crystalline palace are rare sight and remain a mystery to scientists. In between clusters of poodles and by a swaying underground lake is a jungle of stalactos, clints and stalagmites akin to pagodas, pillars and hills. There are more than 40 kinds of karst precipitation forms in the cave including the main kinds of those in the karst caves all over the world and known as "King of Caves" or "Museum of Limestone Caves". Within the cave complex there are 8 sections, 19 halls, and 49 chambers open to the public. Small passageways open up into giant room after room, where calcium deposits have created an otherworldly landscape of spectacular shapes and spirals, often reaching from floor to ceiling.

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