Nanjiao Park

Guiyang Nanjiao Park, Guiyang Attractions, Guiyang Travel GuideAlso known as the Underground Park, Nanjiao (South Suburb) Park is seven kilometers south of Guiyang. This is the largest and most representative cave park in Guiyang. The White Dragon Cave is the central focus of the park, which winds 587 meters upward form the foot of a hill, displaying stalactites of strange shapes: bamboo shoots, bells, pillars, curtains and flowers which dazzle the eye. A fascinating gallery is formed with more than 20 marvelous spectacles: some like the settings of a stage; some appears as terraces on Miao mountain range; some flow like the waterfall of the Milky Way; some shaped like a white dragon crossing the cave; some formed like Wugang (a character in traditional folk tales) lifting a wine-glass; and another featured like a lion bidding farewell to visitors. The verdant hill with unconventional flower nurseries provides both beautiful scenery and a pleasant environment for relaxation.

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