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Haikou Restaurants

Haikou seafood, Haikou Restaurants, Haikou Travel GuideAlong with breathtaking scenery, Haikou is known for its delicious cuisine. Fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood are readily available. In Haikou one can try many different kinds of food including baked pork, water spinach, goose, lamb, honey sliced pigeon, fish and ostrich, carp, venison, glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo and dog meat.

Heyou Seafood Restaurant
Add: Haixiu Rd,
Tel: 66760006

Dragon Emperor Seafood Restaurant
Add: #24 South Longkun Rd,
Tel: 66799128

Longquan Seafood Restaurant
Add: Longhua District
Tel: 66987388

Guangzhouwan Seafood Restaurant
Add: Nanhai Avenue
Tel: 66890808

Fuquan Restaurant
Add: Meilan District
Tel: 66110618

Chuangmenzi Taiwan Food Restaurant
Add: #11 Xisha Rd
Tel: 66755774

Xiangxiangxiang Restaurant
Add: #33 Nanbao Rd
Tel: 66744264

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