Haikou Shopping

Haikou Coconut carvings, Haikou Shopping, Haikou Travel GuideHainan is rich in local products and souvenirs. The local specialties include Hainan coconut and coconut carvings, shell handicraft, crystal and pearl ornaments, tropical fruit, dried aquatic products, natural coconut milk, and Lishen brand coffee.

Hainan Coffee
Hainan Coffee is internationally famous. It was introduced to Hainan from Malaysia and Indonesia in 1887.

Tropical Fruits
There are over 50 different tropical fruits that grow year round on Hainan Island. Coconuts and coconut products, bananas, pineapples, mangoes and watermelons are exported all over the world.

No. 1 Golden Century Plaza
Add: # 20, Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66743183

The First Hainan Department Store
Add: #8, Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66708674

Pearl Plaza
Add: #16, Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66746706

Haikou Shell handicraft, Haikou Shopping, Haikou Travel GuideOriental Plaza
Add: #99 First Horizontal Street of Longhua Rd
Tel: 66211296

Tailong Shopping Center
Add: #4, Datong Rd
Tel: 66228205

Hainan Le Pusheng Shopping Mall
Add: 7, Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66723266

Haikou Department Store
Add: #2, West Jiefang Rd
Tel: 66223253

Haikou Shop of Jingrun Pearl
Add: Opposite to the Wanghai Mansion, Haixiu Rd
Tel: 66750129

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