Hefei Restaurants

Food in Hefei City features the distinctive Hui (short for Anhui Province) flavor. Cooking methods feature braising in soy sauce, stewing and steaming. Hui cooks choose only the freshest and most tender ingredients.

Heifei Hui Cuisine, Hefei RestaurantsFucheng Beef
Add: #1 Jinzhai Road
Tel: 3623777 

Buruiqi Restaurant
Add: #161 Jinzhai Road
Tel: 3656688-4003

Mengdu Restaurant
Add: #245 Jinzhai Road
Tel: 3639977 3659977 3657799

Xiaofeiyang Mutton
Add: A Building #1, Hongcheng, Huangshan Road
Tel: 3671778

Xiaoweiyang Mutton
Add: #206 East Wangjiang Road
Tel: 3622999

Jinmanlou Dafuhao
Add: #18 Meishan RoadTel: 2816000

Jianianhua Seafood
Add: #252 Jinzhai Road
Tel: 2837799 2837979

Sanhe Restaurant
Add: #10 Meishan Road
Tel: 2843588 2844588

Budaoweng Restaurant
Add: #5 Meishan Road
Tel: 2821798

Jixi Anhui Cuisine Restaurant
Add: #106 Huoqiu Road, Chenghuangmiao Houjie, Luyang District, Hefei
Tel: +86 551 265 1933
Type of Cuisine: Anhui Cuisine
Description: Jixi Anhui Cuisine Restaurant features authentic Anhui dishes. The most famous are Jixi Fermented Mandarin Fish (Ji Xi Chou Gui Yu), Anhui style moldy tofu (Hui Shi Mao Tou Fu), Huangshan stewed chicken (Huang Shan Men Shi Ji).

Three-Flavors Fish Restaurant (Hupo Villla Branch)
Add: Hupo Villa, North Hupo Village, Luyang District, Hefei
Tel: +86 551 283 6797
Type of Cuisine: Sichuan Cuisine
Description: Located at Hupo Villa, Luyang District, Three-Flavors Fish Restaurant serves authentic Sichuan cuisine with traditional Sichuan decoration. The signature dish, three-flavors fish, including the three flavors of spicy, pickled pepper, and preserved black bean, is well worth a try.

Huaqiao Hotel
Add: #98 Changjiang Zhonglu, Luyang District, Hefei
Tel: +86 551 265 2221
Type of Cuisine: Anhui Cuisine
Description: Huaqiao Restaurant is a popular restaurant with more then 50 years' history. Typical local dishes are served.

Sanhe Rice Dumplings, Hefei RestaurantsSanhe Rice Dumplings (San He Mi Jiao)
These dumplings are made from rice flour and seasoned minced pork. They are fried golden brown, and are juicy and flavorful, and have been around for over 100 years.

Sweet sticky rice balls in soup (Jiu Niang Yuan Xiao)
Sticky rice balls are made with sesame, bean paste, sugar and hawthorn fruit. They are boiled with honey and sugar laurel blossoms, and served in a soup.

Mushroom Chicken Dumplings (Dong Gu Ji Jiao)
Thin skins and juicy fillings are characteristic of these dumplings, served in freshly made chicken soup

Grape Fish (Pu Tao Yu)
Originating in the Xiao county of Anhui (famous for producing grapes and wine), the fish in this dish is prepared in such a way that it resembles grapes in color, flavor and aroma.

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