Hefei Shopping

In Hefei, there are various kinds of local products, including feather fan, Chaohu whitebait, hairy crab, tiger-skin cumquat-shaped yolk egg, bamboo carving etc.

Anhui Black Tea, Hefei Shopping, Hefei Travel GuideBesides, as Hefei is the capital city of the Anhui province, one can find abundant specialties from the province, such as Xuan paper from Jingxian, Hui ink-stick and She ink-slab from Shexian, iron picture from Wuhu, Fengyang painting, ceramics from Jieshou, Fuliji roast chicken, Kouzi liquor from Huaibei, Gujinggong liquor from Bozhou, crisp pear from Dangshan, Maofeng tea from Mt. Huangshan, Anhui black tea from Qimen, Anhui green tea from Tunxi, Houkui tea from Taiping and etc.

Commercial Center of Hefei
Add: #124 Changjiang Rd, Hefei
Tel: 2653261 2652936

Anhui Green Tea, Hefei Shopping, Hefei Travel GuideHuitong Commercial Plaza
Add: #333 Changjiang Rd, Hefei
Tel: 2678647 2659393

Xinfei Shopping Center
Add: #1799 East Changjiang Rd, Hefei
Tel: 2657954

Liangchen Commercial Plaza
Add: #563 West Changjiang Rd, Hefei
Tel: 5568076 5563124

Tianchen Shopping Center
Add: Tianchen Plaza, #244 Huaihe Rd, Hefei
Tel: 2615914

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