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Ancient Karadun City
Hetian Ancient KaradunCity, Hetian Attractions, Hetian Travel GuideLies in 300 kilometers' desert north in Hotan county, is in the edge of the Yahe River. Kaladun means black sandhill, ancient Bastille is square, side length is 60 meters, earth wall is 8 meters now, fundus is 20 meters wide, the top is 8 meters wide, rampart was built with a layer tree branch, a layer earth, can prevent wind. There are gate road east rampart. There are six architectures and ancient ruins of vault southwest of ancient city and northeast of ancient city. Has found many pottery, also have coins in Han Dynasty. have unearthed blue and white calico printing and a punch warn at the girdle in the ancient grave south and north Dynasty period. There are little iron knife, sword grass hook, iron sword, etc in south suburb.

Takla Makan Desert
Takla Makan Desert, Hetian Attractions, Hetian Travel GuideTravelers on the Silk Road had to cross the Takla Makan desert, a bleak region of drifting sand dunes in northwestern China. The Takla Makan Desert, the center of Tarim Basin in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is known as the Sea of Death from which nobody can escape. In this huge, barely inhabited desert, streams flow into the basin losing them and evaporate, never reach the sea. Meanwhile, poisonous snakes and frequent sand storms are always experienced, and explorers have to bear lots of tortures such as water shortage and great temperature difference between boiling heat and freezing cold from day to night.

Ancient City of Niya
Ancient City of Niya, Hetian Attractions, Hetian Travel GuideThe remains of the lost ancient city of Niya are believed to the ancient Jingjue Kingdom during the Han and Jin period. The ancient Jingjue Kingdom was at the south end of the Silk Road, sprawling over an area 25 km long from south to north and 5-7 km wide from east to west. On this site, a large number of inscribed wooden slips in the Qielu language (created in Persia in the first century B.C. and popular in Niya in the 2nd to the 4th century) and some wooden tablets in the Greek style were found. In 1959, a wool pile carpet fragment was unearthed at the site of Niya, China, on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert found along the Silk Road.

Zanmu Temple
Hetian Zanmu Temple, Hetian Attractions, Hetian Travel GuideLocated mountainside which is over 80 meters high of east side of Moyu river in Layika countryside in Hetian county, is 36 kilometers far away Hetian city. Zanmu temple is a double layers rock cave, need putting up a ladder from lower layer to top layer. It is recorded that, the temple was found by Faxian master which is passing here in 401 A.D, and was called as "Zanmu Temple" by him and write it in book, here scenery is very beautiful.


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