Hetian Shopping

Tourists can find a large variety of traditional local handicrafts, including jade, silk, carpets and wooden bowls, in the bazaars of the city. Jade, silk and carpets are known as "the three treasures of Hetian."

Hetianese Jade

Hetianese Jade, Hetian Shopping, Hetian Travel GuideThe word Hetian means "a place that abounds in jade" in the Uyghur language. Hetian is one of the best known jade-producing areas in China and around the world. The city is also the source of most of the early nephrite jade used in China. Hetianese jade products are precious works of art and are exported to many countries all over the world.

Silk and Wool Carpets

The history of hand-woven silk and wool carpets in Hetian stretches back 2,000 years. With their bright colors, beautiful patterns, strong Uyghur ethnic features and excellent craftsmanship, silk and the Uyghur Carpets are popular with tourists.

Hualing Supermarket
Add: Yinbaza Rd, Hetian
Tel: 6426288

Dahaoda Supermarket
Add: #33 West Beijing Rd, Hetian
Tel: 2514565

Rongda Supermarket
Add: #1 East Beijing Rd, Hetian
Tel: 2021896

Red Star Supermarket
Add: #28 Muhala Rd, Hetian
Tel: 6818131

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