Fresco of Han Tomb in Helinger

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The fresco of Han tomb lies in the east of Xiaobanshen village about 40 kilometers southeast of Helinger County. Discovered in 1971, the tomb, which is mainly made out of bricks, consists of three graves. It was mainly made up of the way to the tomb, the three main sections of front, middle and back graves. The entrance of the tomb is towards east. The total length of the tomb is 19.85 meters. The 50 well-preserved frescos, which is delicately conceived and skilled drawn, vividly reflect the conditions of people, such as the agricultural and pasture productions in the later period of Donghan (25-20A.D.), entertainment activities, historical stories and so on. According to the contents of the frescos and the fresco titles, the owner of the tomb can be identified as the highest military and administrative officer-huwugeng who was in charge of the northern minorities like these minorities -- Wugen, Xianbei and so on. It is an important historic material on the research of the minorities in the north China.