Hohhot Nightlife

Nadamo Grassland Grand Fair, Hohhot Nightlife, Hohhot Travel GuideTumbling, horse racing and archery are three traditional physical activities, and the main attractions at the Nadamo Grassland Grand Fair.

Camel Racing

Commonly known as the boat of the desert, camels once played an important role in the daily life and military actions of ancient Mongolians. Thus, camels are honored as "the King among livestock" by herdsmen of Mongolia.

Boke, Hohhot Nightlife, Hohhot Travel GuideBoke

Boke means tumbling in Mongolian, and the style is unique to the grasslands.

Toxophily (Archery)

The bow and arrow were once important hunting tools and weapons. Toxophily is one of the most popular entertainments at the Nadamo Grassland Grand Fair.

Pubs & Bars

Most of the bars or pubs in Hohhot are located in the major hotels.