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"Gold glass and silver glass, let's fill them with wine, Raise them with both our hands. Millet stir-fried in Butter, milk tea and finger mutton, Help yourself to this delicious food." This is the song that the Mongolian people sing when they propose a toast at a dinner party. The words of the toast give us some idea of the Mongolian food and drink. The most common truly Mongolian dishes are: Mongolian hotpot, hand-held mutton, roast leg of lamb and a large variety of other mutton or lamb dishes.

Sour Milk

The Mongolian people like drinking sour milk, instead of fresh milk.

Milk Tea

Hohhot Milk Tea, Hohhot Restaurants, Hohhot Travel GuideMilk tea is the traditional hot drink the Mongolian people like best. It is made by boiling the water with brick tea and fresh milk. People usually put a little salt into the milk when they drink it. Sometimes they put a little butter or stir-fried millet in also.


Shaomai is a local delicacy, which has a long history in Hohhot. It is made from the finest raw materials, thin wrappers, delicious fillings and all necessary ingredients and seasoning. The shaomai hot from the steamer gives off a pleasing smell. It looks like a small soft bag when it is picked up with chopsticks, and looks like a small pancake when it is placed on the plate.

Naked Oat Flour

The naked oat is a low-yield, cold-resistant, alkali tolerant grain that has a short maturing period, has a high protein, and fat content. It is also rich in such trace elements as iron, calcium and phosphorus. The naked oat is processed into flour and food of various kinds is made from it.

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat flour can be made into noodles and some other kinds of food. A favorite way to serve buckwheat noodles is with mutton gravy.

Roast Lamb

Hohhot Roast Lamb, Hohhot Restaurants, Hohhot Travel GuideRoast lamb is the traditional Mongolian food. It is specially prepared when a dinner is held in honor of a distinguished guest or a great celebration is held. The roast lamb is served on a square wooden dish.

Instant-Boiled Mutton

Instant-boiled mutton, also called the Mongolian Fire Pot, was created in the Yuan Dynasty. Meat is selected from the back, rear legs or tail of the sheep, and cut into slices. Boiled mutton is fresh and tender, not greasy.

Cooked Mutton

This is the delicacy which the Mongolian people like best. It is only prepared for special occasions, such as offering sacrifices to gods or ancestors, holding weddings or celebrating an elder's birthday. When the dinner begins, it is customary to eat a piece of meat from the fat tail first.

Finger Mutton

Called finger mutton, because the diner pulls the meat from the bones with their fingers.


Also called yellow butter, a nutritious and unique in flavor, is suitable for both the Chinese food and the Western food.


The Mongolian people, unlike most other Chinese people, enjoy cheese.

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$$ = reasonable
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Genghis Khan Yurta Restaurant
Add: Dongcheng Rd.
Description: A typical Mongolian restaurant, has a good selection of local specialties
Type of Cuisine: Local Cuisine (Cheese Theme)
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Average Cost: $-$$
Credit Cards: Not Accepted
Menu: Chinese
Language Spoken: Mandarin

Cafe around town
Add: Linxiang Rd.
Description: Look for your favorite local specialties among hundreds of food stands
Type of Cuisine: Local Cuisine (Street Vendor)
Hours: 10:00-21:00
Average Cost: $
Credit Cards: Not Accepted
Menu: Chinese
Language Spoken: Mandarin

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