Horse Racing Ground

Hohhot Horse Racing Ground, Hohhot Attractions, Hohhot Travel GuideThe Horse Racing Ground, which was built in 1957 is located in Hulun North Road, Xincheng District, Hohhot. It is the largest sports ground in Inner Mongolia and one of the largest horses racing ground in Asia. It covers an area of 32,000 sq. meters with standardized ring-like tracks for horse race, a sports arena for polo match, a sports arena for skill performance and an arena for obstacle race of horsemanship. All the competition can be carried on at the same time. In the east of the horse racing ground is a whole structure consisting of the rostrum and visitors' stands. The structure is 270 meters long and 36 meters high in some parts. Four buildings like Mongolian yurts stand on the roof of the structure. Some cloud-like patterns are painted in white and blue on the vaulted roof of the buildings. This reflects the distinctive local national style and flavor. The visitors' stand can hold more than 700 people. The Horse Racing Ground can hold 100,000 people for watching the matches, which are held in it. Therefore, it has become one of the important horse racing places in the world.