The Site of the Da Yao Culture

Hohhot The Da Ya Culture, Hohhot Attractions, Hohhot Travel GuideThe Site of Da yao Culture is a general name of the two cultural ruins of the Old Stone Age in the east suburbs of Huhhot. One of the ruins is on the south hill of Dayao Village of Baoheshao Township which is located at the northeast 33-kilonetre place of the srburbs, and another ruin is at Naobaoliang of Front Namoban Village of Yulin Township which is located at the 30-kilometre place of the east suburbs. The former is typical. From 1973 to 1984 the workers of the cultural relics of Inner Mongolia had discovered and unearthed thousands of man-made stone implements, stone slices and stones. It is believed by the archaeologists that this site used to be the place of making stone implements 500,000 years ago. Many stone implements, such as stone balls, axes and tools for cutting and hammering, have been unearthed. The man-made semi-finished stone implements can be seen on the ground of the site, which is about five kilometers in circumference. Besides, the fossils of the ancient animals and the ashes left by the ancients have also been discovered in the underground layers of the site. Like the Peking Man in Zhoukoudian Site of Beijing, the site of Dayao culture has undergone long years since the Old Stone Age and New Stone Age.