The Yuquan Well

Hohhot The Yuquan Well, Hohhot Attractions, Hohhot Travel GuideThe Yuquan Well lies in the north entrance of the front street of Daozhao Lamasery in Hohhot City. Its original name was the Imperial Well. And later it was given the name of Yuquan Well. Legend has it that when the Emperor Qianlong went on an expedition, he stationed in Guihua City, where his horse found a spring. The water of spring tastes very sweet and cool. The water forms a pond not far from the spring. People built a well by laying huge stones there. The "First Spring of the Frontier" written on the tablet, which hung over the front door of Dazhao Lamasery, is a praise for the spring. There was a wooden temple with a stone flagpole beside the well platform. For many years the well had been full of water, the people around the well all came to fetch the water. According to the analysis of National Geological Exploration Group in 1950s, the water quality of the well proved to be the first class in Hohhot City.