Five Peaks Mountain

Five Peak Mountain, Jinan Attraction, Jinan Travel GuideLocated 10km southeast of Changqing County and graded as a province-level tourism and vacation resort, the Five-Peak Mountain together with Mountain Tai and Lingyan Mountain are called "Three Mountains in Mid-Shandong". The mountain gets the name from its five peaks, in which leafy trees, mansions, terraces, pavilions set each other off and take on a picturesque scene. The Five-Peak Mountain has eight famous scenic spots. In the old days, when Taoism was in trend, there were two Taoist temples in this Nature-blessed place, the south temple and the north temple. The north temple is called "Dongzhen Taoist Temple," in which there are forest of tablets and waves of mansions. Most of these mansions were destroyed by war, with only hundreds of stone tablets left, among which the "Praise Tablet for Mr. Cui" is the most precious with engravings of beautiful drawings and famous articles. The south temple is called "Yuandu Taoist Temple" or "Xuandu Taoist Temple", which is the mausoleum of the family of Emperor De, the Ming Dynasty. The scale is next to The Thirteen Mausoleums in Beijing. Other scenic spots here include a ginkgo tree of over 1,000 years old, which is the 2nd largest tree in its kind in Shandong, and a spring that spurts all the year around. All these spots make the Five-peak Mountain a must-see for tourists.