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Baotu Spring
Baotu Spring, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideCentering on springs, Baotu Spring Park is a natural rock and spring garden unique in ethnic style. Baotu Spring, the best one among the famous 72 springs in Jinan, is hailed as "the first spring under the heaven". With its earliest account in "Spring and Autumn Annals", it has a long history of more than 2,600 years. Baotu Spring was formed because of Jinan's special geographical position and geological structure. The spring has three mouths, with water droplets falling around, with a surrounding area of 3.3 hectares, the spring gives thunderous sounds, and water columns surge upward, looking like spinning wheels, which is very spectacular.

Black Tiger Spring
Black Tiger Spring, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideBlack Tiger Spring (Heihuquan) lies in the southeastern part of the old city district of Ji'nan. On the southern wall of the pool are three carved stone tiger heads and from the tiger mouths spring water comes out. Hence, it gets the name of the spring. However, someone believes that spring water dashing against rocks produces a noise like the roars of a tiger: hence the name.

Black Tiger Spring is one of the four most famous springs of Ji'nan, ranking first in rate of flow among all the springs inside and outside the city. As with most of Ji'nan's springs, the best time to visit this sight is at peak rainfall, generally around July and August.

Daming Lake
Daming Lake, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideDaming Lake is located in the northeast of the central part of Jinan City. Daming Lake covers an area of 46 hectares in an 86-hectare garden. Formerly known as "Lotus Seed Lake" and "West Lake", the lake got its current name in the Jin Dynasty and it was not until the Ming Dynasty, when the city wall was restored, that the lake took the form we see today.

The lake, with a history of over 1400 years, is fed by waters from many springs, including the Pearl Spring, the Washing Ying Spring and the Prince's Residence Pool, converge in Daming Lake

Five-Dragon Pool
Five Dragon Pools, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideFive-Dragon Pool is also called "Grey Bay Spring" and is one of the 72 famous springs. The Five-Dragon Pool Park takes a land of 5.44ha and the main scenic spot inside are Five-Dragon Pool, Jin Garden, Ming Pond, Curved Bridge, Pool West Temple and Sage Spring.

Five-Dragon Pool located outside the west gate of old Jinan city, this pool gathers spring water from five locations.Five-Dragon Pool is said to be related to a Shandong hero Qin Qiong living between the Sui Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty.

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