Li Qingzhao Memorial Hall

Li Qingzhao, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideLi Qingzhao Memorial Hall, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel Guide

Li Qingzhao (1084-1151), the famous woman poet of the Song Dynasty, was born in Jinan. She was calligrapher and painter as well as a poet. Her memorial hall, to the north of Shuyu Spring in Baotu Spring Park, surrounded with springs and shaded in bamboo groves, was built in 1956 and renovated in 1980. On display in the hall are Li Qingzhao's portrait and her representative works and eulogizing poems for her. In the hall, there is a painting "Snow and Wind in Jinan" vividly portraying Li's ardent love for her country and her intense hatred for the treacherous high officials in the Southern Song's imperial court. Her former residence is close to the hall.