Jinan Transportation


Jinan International Airport, Jinan Transportation, Jinan Travel GuideJi'nan International airport is situated 40 km northeast of the city. In addition to 42 domestic routes, the Ji'nan International Airport has international routes to Jizhou Island, Bangkok and Moscow. The airline shuttle bus runs between the airport and Ji'nan downtown area (6am-5pm, RMB15). It costs RMB100 to take a taxi.


There are 2 train stations in Ji'nan: Ji'nan Station and Ji'nan East Station. The biggest is Ji'nan Station. You can take trains from Ji'nan to all the major cities in China.


Taxis in Jinan are plentiful and all metered. It's easy to hail one. Generally most taxis charge a base fee of RMB5 during the day and RMB6 from 10pm-5am, with RMB0.5-1 for each additional kilometer.