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Five Dragon Pool

Five Dragon Pool, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel Guide

Five-Dragon Pool is also called "Grey Bay Spring" and is one of the 72 famous springs. The Five-Dragon Pool Park takes a land of 5.44ha and the main scenic spot inside are Five-Dragon Pool, Jin Garden, Ming Pond, Curved Bridge, Pool West Temple and Sage Spring.

Five-Dragon Pool located outside the west gate of old Jinan city, this pool gathers spring water from five locations.Five-Dragon Pool is said to be related to a Shandong hero Qin Qiong living between the Sui Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty. Legend has it that Qin Qiong's residence sank after a torrential rain, thus forming the present Five-Dragon Pool. It is said that beside the pool there used to be a stone tablet inscribed with "Qin Qiong's Former Residence, which was probably erected by a busybody.

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