Baotu Spring

Baotu Spring, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideCentering on springs, Baotu Spring Park is a natural rock and spring garden unique in ethnic style. Baotu Spring, the best one among the famous 72 springs in Jinan, is hailed as "the first spring under the heaven". With its earliest account in "Spring and Autumn Annals", it has a long history of more than 2,600 years. Baotu Spring was formed because of Jinan's special geographical position and geological structure. The spring has three mouths, with water droplets falling around, with a surrounding area of 3.3 hectares, the spring gives thunderous sounds, and water columns surge upward, looking like spinning wheels, which is very spectacular. The spring keeps its temperature at about 18 degree Celsius all year round. In the cold winter, mist rises from and hangs over the spring pond, and the clear, deep spring water reflects the ancient-styled buildings with colorful carvings and upturned eaves. The landscape presents a picturesque view of a paradise on earth. Poems and prose have been written for the spring view. Together with its environs, it has been turned into a park of the same name that is now one of the three major places of interest in Jinan.

The springs and ponds have been thoroughly dredged, and the banks lined with stone. Lawns and rockeries have been built and numerous trees and flower planted.

The spring water is very sweet, optimum for making tea, which is limpid in color, rich in aroma, and good in taste. Sitting under the "Watching Crane Pavilion" in the east side of the spring with a cup of tea in hand, one's mind will fly faraway and hates to leave.