Pearl Spring

Pearl Spring, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuidePearl Spring (Zhenzhuquan), one of the four most famous springs of Jinan, flow in the courtyard of the Pearl Spring Auditorium in the heart of the Old City district. The auditorium is a large building of unique design where the Shandong Provincial Government often holds important meetings. Public meetings and film shows are also held here.

Located on the north side of Quancheng Road, this spring got its name because its spring water comes out from the pool bottom, countless water bubbles appear like strings of pearls. In the spring there are schools of carps playing, with bubbles from their mouths, a vivid scene of carps playing with pearls. By the side of the spring is a crab apple which is said to be planted in the Song Dynasty, commonly called "Song Crab Apple".

Pearl Spring joins ten other springs nearby including Zhuoying Spring, Wangfu Spring, and Xiting Spring, to form a group of springs whose water converges in Daming Lake.