Jinan Wildlife World

Jinan Wildlife World, Jinan Attractions, Jinan Travel GuideWith coverage of 1600 acres, Jinan Wildlife World is located in the scenic spot "Running Horse Mountain", southeast of Jinan and 40 km from the city. At an elevation of 700 meters, there are exuberant trees and beautiful sceneries, which make here enjoy good reputation of "Little Yunnan" in history. It was written in "A Survey of Licheng County" "On bank, cliff and precipice look like screen, pine and cypress are growing in the crack of the stones, and flying birds are reflected in the water. Wild flowers grow in gully in spring and trees getting red in autumn." You will enjoy yourself in the natural scenery so much with no thought of leaving. To the south lies Mount Tai, a famous mountain in China, and to the north flows the Yellow River, the cradle of the Chinese nation. Together with Simen Tower, the oldest tower in the Sui Dynasty (5th-6th centuries) and the landscape around Sleeping Tiger Reservoir, the place constitutes a circling tourist belt with abundant natural and humanistic scenery. Jinan Wildlife World is divided into six areas: Walking Touring Part, Forest leisure Part, Herbivore Part, Beast of Prey Part, Comprehensive Service Part and Feeding and Breeding Center. Along the 12 km length touring line there are 150 species and more than 10000 animals breeding here. They are isolated by a net longer than 10000m. Therefore, the park is the national biggest kingdom of wide life in China with strongest rustic charm till now and so it is said to be among the first class even in Asia. It includes more than one hundred spots, including Sea Lion Museum, Singing Bird Valley, Ecological Spectacle, Kangaroo Garden, Swimming Bird Lake, Elephant Museum and Crocodile Bay etc, which is the outstanding manifestation of deep and ecological magnificence. In the park, popular animal science, horticulture and entertainment combine with high standard restaurants, Entertainment City, Parking place, fast food, and gift shop. Tourists will have the opportunity to watch with enjoyment rare birds and animals, experience breath catching stimulation, but also appreciate exotic scenery and enjoy modern services.