Spring City Square

Spring City Square, Jinan Attraction, Jinan Travel GuideEmbraced by mountain, spring, river and city, Spring City Square is the central square of the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan. Looking around, you can have a look at the old city in the north, see Baotu Spring spurting or flowing slowly in the west, look into distance at the verdant Thousand Buddha Mountain stretching along in the south, and look ahead the Liberation Pavilion fresh and elegant as a picture in the east.

Spring City Square has a total area of 16.96 hectares, with 780m from east to west and 230m from south to north. It is planned on a major axis between Baotu Spring and Liberation Pavilion and on a minor axis between Bangpeng Avenue and Shuowen Avenue. At the main entrance, the national flag is fluttering in the wind, under which the four Chinese characters of "Spring City Square" are sculptured on the signal of entrance, with "Spring City Square Record" on its back. "Celebrity Sculpture of Spring City Square, Jinan Attraction, Jinan Travel GuideForest" is divided into south and north parts, inside which are growing many exuberant trees. Two groups of celebrity pavilions are built in the two parts of the forest, serving as a rest place for the tourist. Between the two parts the space is wide and plain, providing pleasant stage for entertainment and celebration. Large-scale steel sculpture "Spring" is 38 meters in height and 170 tons in weight, towering over the crossing point between the axises, which is very rare in the country. Coming from the charm of Chinese seal character "spring", the sculpture looks like three spring-like stream statues going up windingly, which accords with the creation of Jinan city logo appropriately. The decoration of the floor originates from the description of the city in history book, coordinated with 72 springs in 4 groups. The frozen "spring" and the spouting springs spurt majestically, which show the elegance of this Spring City.