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Jiujiang is well-known for its fertile land and rich products. The city most popular products include tea, fish products, herbal medicine, bamboo ware and ink stone.

Jiujiang Lushan Teaļ¼ŒJiujiang Shopping, Jiujiang Travel GuideLushan Tea
Lushan Tea has a long history and a reputation as one of the ten best teas in ancient times in China. It grows in Mount Lushan and is famous all around the world for its fragrance and green color.

Poyang Lake Fish
Fish in Poyang Lake is particularly delicious and nutritious. Fish dishes are very popular with local people.

Jinxing Ink Stone
Jinxing Ink Stone has been sought after by artists for over 1600 years. It is said that it was first made by Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in the East Jin Dynasty. Jinxing Ink Stone enjoys the reputation as "the best ink stone" in China.

Jiujiang Jinxing Ink Stone, Jiujiang Shopping, Jiujiang Travel GuideAnmeida Supermarket
Add: Xiyi Rd, Jiujiang

Shijiliansheng Supermarket
Add: #9 South Taling Rd, Jiujiang

Penghui Supermarket
Add: #2 South Chaisang Rd, Jiujiang

Changlong Department Store
Add: #16 South Gantang Rd, Jiujiang

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