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Jiujiang Transportation

Jiujiang sits at the junction of Shanghai and Wuhan, and of Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, and Anhui Province; the city is the only water and land communication center, linking the four directions. The city’s traffic system consists of water, railway, road, and air.


Every day Jiujiang airport handles thousands of passengers from all around the country.


Jiujiang Train Station, Jiujiang Transportation, Jiujiang Travel GuideThe Yangtze River is the longest and the biggest water thoroughfare from east to west China. The Beijing -Kowloon Railway is the longest and the highest rail line running south to north in China, and Jiujiang is the junction where they cross. From there, the Yangtze funnels traffic from east to west, and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway links the north with the south.


Jiujiaing's port is one of the biggest ports in the Yangtze River valley. Its passenger and freight transportation rank second and fourth among ports along the Yangtze River.


The Changjiu and Jiujing Expressways and the 105 and 316 national highways pass through Jiujiang., linking Jiujiang with other cities in Jiangxi and other provinces in China.

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