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Jiuzhaigou Restaurants

In Jiuzhaigou, tourists can sample various culinary styles, including Chuan cuisine, one of the eight most famous Chinese cuisines, and local Tibetan food. The most well-known characteristic of Chuan cuisine is the spiciness of the dishes. The Tibetan food has very strong ethnic flavors. Generally, most hotels and restaurants offer Tibetan style dishes.

Local specialties include long noodles (lamian), which are served in several noodle restaurants. These are often served with fragrant Highland Barley Wine. Don't indulge too much or you won’t be able to walk the next day.

Tibetan Style Cuisine, Jiuzhaigou Restaurants, Jiuzhaigou Travel GuideThe price of food in Jiuzhaigou is comparatively high because most materials must be brought in from the larger towns of Songpan or Chengdu, and the choice of Restaurants establishments is very limited. As a general rule, most of the hotels and hostels have decent restaurants, and the Tibetan style ones such as those in Zehwacha Stockade offer good Tibetan style food, just get ready to drink up the gallons of Yak butter tea they will offer!

It is a good idea to stock up on provisions either before you leave one of the bigger cities in Sichuan or at least before you enter the reserve. Water and other drinks are available in most of the villages but at inflated prices.

A Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant, Jiuzhaigou Restaurants, Jiuzhaigou Travel GuideA Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant
Add:  No.11, Bianbian Street, Jiuzhaigou Valley
Type of Cuisine: Tibetan Food
TEL: +86 1356 878 3012
Web: www.abuluzi.com
Description: A Bu Lu Zi is the only restaurant serving authentic Tibetan food near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Tibetan style with a huge Yak fur, Tibetan Tangkas, yak skulls and other items on the walls. It would be an wonderful dinning experience for travelers in A Bu Lu Zi, where you will have the chance to taste the unique Tibetan specialties, as well as delicious home brewed Tibetan Barley Wine and Butter Tea.

Shunxing Restaurant
Add: Jiafan Ancient City, Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County
Tel: +86 837 778 9999
Type of Cuisine: Chuan Cuisine
Description: Shunxing Restaurant at Jiuzhaigou Intercontinental Hotel & Resort is famous for the authentic Chuan dishes. You may have a chance to overlook the picturesque Ganhaizi while dinning.