Black Dragon Pool

Kunming Black Dragon Pool, Kunming Attractions, Kunming Travel GuideBlack Dragon Pool is situated at the foot of Longquan Hill in the northern outskirts of Kunming, 17 kilometers from the downtown area. It is more than 590 years old with a view of the surrounding mountains, which is absolutely inspiring. It is known for four attractions, which include Blue and Black water pools inside the Park, the Plum trees of the Tang Dynasty, the Cypress trees of the Song Dynasty and the Camellia trees of the Ming Dynasty.

The pool itself is extremely limpid and a jet of fountain water can be seen gushing constantly onto the surface. Surrounded by towering old trees and bamboo groves, the pool has never got dry even in the years of drought. Legend goes that there used to be ten violently destructive dragons doing wrong in the world. About 750 A.D., Lu Dongbin, a famous Taoist priest in the Tang dynasty, suppressed nine dragons and left the tenth, a black dragon, remained in the pool. Hence, this tourist spot gets the name Black Dragon Pool. Came into being in 1394, Black Dragon Pool is divided into two parts by a stone bridge. The color of the water in the south pool is green and the north yellow. Although the water of these two parts meets each other, fish in one pool never visits the other one. There are two Taoist temples in Black Dragon Pool; the lower one is Black Dragon Palace and the upper Longquan Temple. The Black Dragon Palace was first built in 1394 during the Ming dynasty. Enshrined in the temple are the Dragon King, god and goddess of thunder, god of rain and god of wind. Built in a two-courtyard structure, it provides a quiet and comfort place for relaxation.