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Kunming Transportation


Kunming Airport, Kunming Transportation, Kunming Travel GuideThe airport is located only a few kilometers from the city. It takes 15 minutes to the airport from the downtown area. There is a shuttle bus that runs between the airport and the Worker's Palace downtown. It costs RMB5. There are also taxies outside the terminal waiting for a fare. It costs about RMB30 to downtown Kunming. The province has 19 domestic air routes from Kunming to different cities, three provincial air routes from Kunming to Jinghong, Mangshi and Simao; and four international air routes from Kunming to Bangkok, Yangon, Vientiane and Hong Kong.


There are two railway stations in Kunming linking the city with various destinations in China - the North and the South stations. The South Station is at the southern end of Beijing Lu. The ticket office is on the left of the station. Open daily 6:30am-11pm. The Northern Station is at the northern end of Beijing Lu. Open daily 6am-10: 40pm.


Taxis are everywhere in Kunming. They are reliable and reasonably priced. Fares are metered and based on the distance traveled. You may want to bargain for a fixed price if you think that you can get a better deal. On major roadways, places for hailing cabs are indicated by blue signs reading "Taxi." To avoid traffic congestion, the cabs are prohibited from picking anyone up on main thoroughfares except by these signs.


Bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation for most residents of Kunming. They are available for rent at the Camellia Hotel for RMB2 per hour and RMB15 a day; a deposit of RMB300 is required for newer bikes and RMB200 for older models.

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