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Kunming Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Kunming Dianju Performance, Kunming Nightlife, Kunming Travel Guide Yunnan Dianju Theater
Add: #276 Dongsijie, Kunming
Description: shows the local Yunnan Opera.
Hours: Sundays

Yunnan Provincial Arts Performance Hall
Add: 81 West Dongfeng Road, Kunming
Description: Chinese and foreign movies are shown here. Sometimes there are Yunnan Opera being performed, but you must call ahead for performances and dates.

Yunnan Modern Drama Theater
Add: 27 Yanhelu, Kunming
Description: one of the best theaters in Kunming.
Hours: 8:00pm-11:00pm


Kunming International Club
Add: No. 57 Xiba Road, Kunming
Description: one of the best clubs in Kumming, but also the most expensive.
Hours: 8:00PM-midnight

Diwang Nightclub
Add: No. 216 Huannan Road, Kunming
Hours: 8:00PM-midnight

New Culture Bar
Add: 60 Tudong Road, Kunming
Hours: 8:00PM-5:00AM

Top One Disc
Kunming Top One Disco, Kunming Nightlife, Kunming Travel GuideAdd: 3rd floor, King World Hotel, Kunming
Description: popular with the local youth.
Hours: 8:00PM-5:00AM

"Classic Trio"
Add: 52Dong Feng Dong Rd. Kunming
Description: Has the newest Filipino band in town, entertaining you with traditional & pop songs from around the world.
Hours: 8:00pm-11: 30pm

Meitong Sailors' Club
Add: Dagulou, Kunming
Hours: 10am-11: 30pm

East Asia Nightclub
Add: No. 32 Beijing Rd., Kunming
Hours: 7pm-midnight

Kunming Billiard Town
Add: No.60 Xinwen Rd. Kunming
Description: boasts the largest billiard room and best service in Kunming
Hours: 10am-11: 30pm

Qianlima Fitness and Entertainment Company
Add: No13 Mingtong Rd. Kunming
Hours: 2pm-midnight

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