Golden Temple Park

Kunming Golden Temple Park, Kunming Attractions, Kunming Travel GuideGolden Temple Park sprawls for more than 133.3 hectares on the Mingfeng Mountain eleven kilometers northeast of Kunming. The most interesting attractions in the Golden Temple Park are the Taihe Palace and the Golden Temple.

Taihe Temple is the most important and active Taoist temple in Yunnan. Atop the front gate, is a large horizontal board inscribed with the Chinese saying "Ying Wu Chun Shen", meaning "Spring abounds on Yingwu Mountain" (the site of the park).

The Golden Temple was built in times of the Ming Dynasty, is a national forest reserve with a natural scenery mingled with sites of historical interest and man-made gardens, it is also a large scenic resort in Kunming. In the mid-17th century, it served as residence of a Chinese general assigned with putting down a local rebellion. The gardens around the temple are a common destination for picnics. The temple is the most unique and well known structure in the park. Much of the structure of the temple is built of copper, while its base is white marble. It, like Taihe Temple, is a Taoist temple. However, the special thing about Jindian is the architecture. It is 6.7 meters in height and 7.8 meters in width .The whole temple weighs more than 280 tons, making it not only one of the four largest bronze temples in China, but also the heaviest and best preserved.