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Huating Buddhist Temple

Kunming Huating Buddhist TempleThe Huating Buddhist Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple that was originally a retreat for the local ruler, and is one of the major tourist attractions in the Western Hills area. Sitting at the foot of Mount Huating, it is one of the best-preserved Buddhist temples in Kunming. The 900-year-old temple was originally designed as a county temple for Gao Zhishen, Kunming's governor during the Song dynasty (1063AD). It was rebuilt as a Buddhist temple in the fourteenth century and it continued to grow and later became the largest Buddhist complex in Kunming. The main temple contains a trinity of gilded lacquer Buddhas seated on lotus thrones. It is characterized by blue hair, august gesture and sumptuous setting. Comparing with the serious Buddha, the 500 luohan on the sidewalls, similar to those in the Bamboo Temple, then appear frivolous and easygoing. Today, there still are some fine statues and excellent gardens.

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