Jiuxiang scenic spot

Jiuxiang scenic spot - Kunming Travel GuideJiuxiang scenic spot is located 90 kilometer from Kunming city. It is a major tourist attraction famous for its limestone caves in Kunming. Here are nearly 100 large and small karst caves, one of the largest cave groups in China. This wonderful spot even has an underground waterfall and a breathtaking gorge.

"The Field of the Gods" is one of the cave's main attractions. Water flows down from a hole in the cave here and is split into two at the spot where it falls.

Singing to each other in Lover Valley will assure you an unique appreciation of ethnic customs. There are rivers, caves, bridges and gorges in the lava cave. The Jinghui Gorge is celebrated for its dangerousness in the cave. Boating in the cave will place you in a world of natural wonders.

Local people liken the two spurts of water to a husband and wife and have crafted a story to describe the sight. Outside the cave is a 700 meter long gorge, covered on both sides by thick vegetation and trees. We recommend spending at least three hours to enjoy this sight to the full.