Zheng He Park

Kunming Zheng He Park, Kunming Attractions, Kunming Travel GuideZheng He Park is located in the small town of Jinning in Yunnan and 60 kilometers south of Kunming. The park, built in 1980, covers an area of 250 hectares. It is a memorial garden built in commemoration of Zheng He, the great navigator of the Ming Dynasty. Entering the park, there are relief sculptures on both sides of the gate called "the Seven Navigations to the West by Zheng He." Standing firmly in the front of the ship, the imposing figure of Zheng He is leading a large fleet to the West. The sculptures depict the life of Zheng He and his outstanding achievements. There is Zheng He Memorial Hall that covers an area of 1, 600 square meters. Various information and material about his navigation are on display in the hall. There is also the Zheng He Memorial Pavilion, the tomb of Ma Hazhi (Zheng He's father), as well as the tombs of revolutionary martyrs.

Six hundred years ago, Admiral Zheng He of the Chinese Ming Dynasty embarked on the first of his seven famous naval expeditions. An awesome spectacle of 300 Chinese junks and 30,000 men, Zheng He's travels heralded the finest hour in Chinese naval exploration history.