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Cockscomb Cave (Jiguan Cave)

Cockscomb Cave (Jiguan Cave)The Jiguan (Cockscomb Cave) Cave lies at the foot of Mt. Jiguan, three kilometers southwest of Luanchuan County. It is a natural limestone karst cave. The cave, of which 1,800 meters has been developed, is 5600 meters deep; it's divided into five layers, with a drop height of 138 meters. With 23,000 square meters can be visited, inside the cave, the stalactite with numerous and grotesque shapes can be seen, and the scenic spots are densely distributed, and quickly change when moving ahead. The Jiguan Cave is exactly an underground art gallery; it can be compared to the Seven-Star Cave and the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin. The underground river in the cave adds more interesting and vitality to the silent cave.

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