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Luoyang Nightlife

Theatres & Concerts

Luoyang Opera House
Add: Zhongzhou Rd. Luoyang
Description: The biggest opera house in the city with 1000 seats. Beijing, Chuan and Yue opera are often performed here.
Hours: 8pm-10am

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs

Luoyang Royal Night Club
Add: #404 Zhongzhou Rd. Luoyang
Description: Luxurious VIP rooms, KTV rooms available--one of the best clubs in Luoyang, Music Band,
Hours: 7pm-2am

Asia Disco Club
Add: Shanghai Market, Jianxi, Luoyang
Description: Live music in pleasant surroundings.
Hours: 7pm-2am


Luoyang People's Hall
Add: #29, Qing Nian Palace, Laocheng District. Luoyang
Description: A theater with great sound equipment and excellent amenities
Hours: 9pm-10pm

Luoyang Cinema
Add: #358, Zhongzhou Rd., Luoyang
Description: one of the largest cinemas in the city.
Hours: 9am-10am

Luoyang Film Corporation
Add: #4, Dingding Rd., Xigong District. Luoyang
Description: Excellent sound effects and service
Hours: 9pm-10pm

Luoyang Da Shidai Entertainment Co.
Add: #42 Lane Street, Yanan Rd, Luoyang
Description: One of Luoyangs largest amusement centers --offers sauna and massage, KTV, dance hall, billiards and bar.
Hours: 6pm-2am

Honghong Bowling Alley
Add: northwest of Xigong fountain, Luoyang
Description: The place to spend an enjoyable evening.
Hours: 9am-2am

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