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Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum

The Museum of Ancient Tombs (Gumu bowuguan) has been set up to give the masses a chance to view some of the finds of ancient artifacts, and excavation work. It was built in 1984 and opened to the public in 1987. It allows visitors to catch a peak of some of the finds there.

The Museum of Ancient Tombs are a museum of ancient tomb forms of different dynasties, located in the northern suburb of Luoyang is the only one of its kind in China, featuring 25 reconstructed ancient tombs found in the Mang Hill (Mangshan) area of Luoyang. Mang Hill, north of Luoyang, the site was a burial ground.

Luoyang Ancient Tomb MuseumAfter passing through the imposing entranceway, guests are directed down underground, to a series of 5 halls sectioned off according to historical era and styles. The tombs are neatly lined one after the other, and are supposed to be of the original layout. The owners of these tombs were mostly from high-level royal families, or the emperors themselves, so the items contained here are of impressive quality, the luxuries of their time. The tombs exhibited here date from 2000 years ago (the Han Dynasty from 206 BC-220 AD) to 800 years ago (the Song Dynasty from 960 AD-1279 AD). Besides there house some great Tang pottery and precious metal work, and some of the murals along the way.

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