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The Baiyun Mountain Forest Park

Baiyun Mountain Forest ParkThe Baiyun Mountain Forest Park is a natural virgin forest located at the place 88 km away from the southwest of Luoyang City. It covers an area of 168 square kilometers. It is in the transient area from temperate zone to semitropical zone, going through Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Huaihe River Drainage Basins. The highest temperature here in summer is less than 26℃(78.8F), so it is considered as the summer resort in Central China. And also it has abundant resources of animals and plants. It's been investigated that there are 204 species of animals and 1,991 species of plants, and the forest coverage rate is over 95%. Therefore, it is honored as the "Natural Museum" by specialists. The Mt. Baiyunshan is enveloped deep in the fog and amidst clouds, its peaks present or disappear among white clouds in a changeable way, hence, it got the name of "Fairyland in mortal world". With its peaks towering magnificently, there are 37 peaks with a height of over 1500 meters above sea level there. Yuhuang Summit, the lofty and majestic peak with a height of 2211.6 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Central Plain.

All kinds of human view are distributed over mountain valley and the top of peak. In order to make the mountain-climbing convenient for the tourist and increase the tourist interesting, a box ropeway will be built, which single line reciprocate fifty people. It will be built between two important view, the ropeway's length about 350 meters, height about two hundred meters.

The ropeway drive station is composed of driver engine room, control room, driver room, duty room, waiting room, maintain room, ticket office, substation and distribution room, spare diesel engine, generator room and others. The total building area is four hundred square meters. The concrete base of the trestle and equipment has three hundred cubic meters.

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