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Luzhi Ancient BridgeLuzhi Ancient Bridge, Luzhi Attractions, Luzhi Travel Guide
In the one square kilometer of the township area, there used to be 72 and a half stone arch bridges built from the 10th to the 20th centuries. Of these, 41 still exist. The bridges vary in size and shape. The bridges fit into the following categories: large multi-arched, small single-arched, plate girder, scenic twin, parallel "sister" and makeshift bridges. Five pairs of bridges were built where two streams meet, so they connect with each other and form 90°angles. Luzhi may be seen as a museum of antique bridges.

Baosheng Temple Luzhi Baosheng Temple, Luzhi Attractions, Luzhi Travel Guide
The Baosheng Temple, an ancient temple in the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is located in the west of Luzhi. The temple was built in 503, more than 1,480 years ago. The temple covers an area of over 100 mu. In its heyday, the temple attracted a great number of worshippers and pilgrims. It contained 5,000 rooms and as many as 1,000 monks served there. One can still see and appreciate how large it was from viewing the ruins. The sculpture in the temple is also famous.

Wangsheng rice millLuzhi Wangsheng Rice Mill, Luzhi Attractions, Luzhi Travel Guide
At the south end of the ancient town, there is a heritage complex that used to be the site of Wangsheng Rice Mill – the largest of its kind in southeastern China. The business was owned by two native families – the Shen and Fan families – in the early 20th century. The huge complex contained a rice shop in the front and a mill in the back. The hundred granaries enabled the company to store enormous amounts of rice, and it served as the grain collecting and distributing center for a dozen townships in the area.

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