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Luzhi Culture Festival

Luzhi Water Village, Luzhi Culture Festival, Luzhi Travel GuideLuzhi River Village Clothing Ornament Culture Festival

The ancient town of Luzhi, located 15km away from the Eastern Outskirts of Suzhou, is famous as "China No.1 Bridge Village", with a history of 2500 years. It is designated as the focal scenery zone in Taihu Lake scenery area by the State Council. The longtime nourishing of River Village Culture not only created the peculiar "bridges, rivers and homes" scene in Luzhi, but also formed the River Clothing Ornament Culture of distinctive characteristics.

The ancient town of Luzhi makes great efforts not only to develop industrial economy, but also to develop and protect tourist resources, investing a great amount of money to restore scenery spots in the ancient town. It restores the old appearance of the ancient town, establishes "River Village Clothing Ornament Exhibition" and sets up a River Village Clothing Ornament Showing Team. In order to make known "River Village Clothing Ornament Culture", the tourist brand peculiar to the ancient town, the ancient town of Luzhi sets to host "Luzhi River Village Clothing Ornament Culture and Tourism Festival" on the 28th of April each year, and use refined tourist product in the ancient town to attract tourists.

Luzhi Ancient Town, Luzhi Culture Festival, Luzhi Travel GuideDuring the festival, a clothing ornament showing team of 1000 women exhibits the River Village Clothing Ornament. There are performances of strong flavor of river village folk customs, such as steaming pie, embroidering cloth shoes and knitting. Folk customs performances are scattered everywhere. In order to support the Clothing Ornament Culture Festival, Luzhi also hosts activities of "Emotions for River Village" Writing Fair and "Luzhi Cup" International Photography Contest, etc. at the same time, which attracts a lot of fans of literature and art to come for creation.

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