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Taihu Lake

Taihu LakeThe Taihu Lake, is the 3rd largest and one of "Five Famous Freshwater Lakes". It covers the water area between Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. The lake forms because the silt, from the Yangtze River and Qiantang River has been deposited in the ancient riverbed. The Taihu Lake covers an area of 2,420 square km, 68km long from the north to south, 56km wide from the west to the east. It reaches 3 meters high above the sea level and 2 meters deep below that. The Lake connects other springs, lakes and rivers to be the heart of a very important water network in South China. Taihu Lake flow into Yangtze River at last. Taihu Lake contains 48 islands and 72 mountains. It presents the fantastic scenery with small lakes of Taihu Lake and hill here and there.

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