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Suzhou Nightlife

Theatre & Concerts

Conference Center Theater
Add: #100, Daoqian St. Suzhou
Tel: 65226691
Description: Suzhou Conference Center Theater is a large-scale multi-purpose theater, combining conference, performance and movie projection. The first class performance hall and equipment allowed performances from famous troupes from all over the country or even foreign countries to be put on here.

Suzhou Opera Theater, Suzhou NightlifeWuyuegong Restaurant Theater
Add: Inside Suzhou Hotel, #115 at Shiquan Street, Suzhou
Tel: 65192556
Open Hours: 11AM-10PM
Description: This is a restaurant theater demonstrating local culture and traditional song and dance artists. In the stage performances, there are programs with local characteristics, such as Jiangnan Sizhu, Kun Opera, Pingtan, River Village Dance, acrobatics, etc.

Suzhou Storytelling House
Add: Wen Hua Square, Guan Qian St. Suzhou
Tel: 65224337
Open Hours: 8PM-10PM
Description: Suzhou Pingtan is an artistic form of storytelling in Suzhou dialect and ballad singing to the accompaniment of stringed instruments. The formation of Pingtan is said to date from the end of the 16th century.

Bar / Teahouse / Club

Dongwu Nightclub
Add: #66 Yinguo Lane, Suzhou
Tel: 67203448
Description: a multi-purpose leisure and entertainment center with classic American disco plaza, song and dance hall, and KTV box, Dongwu Food City, Tea Hall and Sauna Bath Center.
Open Hours: 8PM-midnight

Suzhou Garden Club
Add: #68 at Shishan Street, New District Suzhou
Tel: 68251900
Description: As a multi-purpose leisure and entertainment center, the facilities include Tangtian Hot Spring, Maya Bar, Leiao Disco Hall, Miaoyun KTV and Garden Snacks.
Open Hours: 8PM-midnight

Blue Book Bar
Add: #42 Daoqian St, Suzhou
Tel: 0512-5239124
Open Hours: 8PM-midnight

Tianchen Discotheque
Add: 6F Space Flight Mansion, Guanqian St Suzhou
Tel: 65112176
Description: One of the most popular discotheques with local youngsters.
Open Hours: 8PM-midnight


Suzhou Phoenix Bowling Center
Add: in the Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park
Open Hours: 24 hours
Description: The bowling center is the largest one in the city. It is designed according to international standard, and equipped with advanced facilities.

Suzhou Jiafu Bowling Center
Add: Ganjiang West St. Suzhou
Tel: 68278080
Description: A large scale bowling alley with the most advanced facilities and the most complete installation in Suzhou at present.
Open Hours: 24 hours

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