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Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park

Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park - Macau Travel GuideAt the north end of Macau, not far from the old gate that marks the Macau S.A.R.'s border with China, is the Sun Yat Sen Park. Located next to the canal that forms part of the border. The park has been named after Sun Yat Sen, who was the founder of the Chinese Republic. The park was designed to combine elements of East and West such as a Victorian-style greenhouse, winding walkways, flower gardens, a fung shui forest of trees which is believed to bring good luck and a lake with waterfalls and an open-air theatre. The park also features a sculpture by Lau Kuai Peng, entitled 'Permanent Handshake', symbolizing the union of East and West and representing the friendship between Portugal and China. High points in the park offer good views of the Chinese Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai across the border.

At the entrance, visitors will find a statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, founder of the Chinese Republic, who lived part of his life in Macau. Inside there is an artificial lake with a waterfall, a Nine Curves Bridge and a restaurant. On the right stands the Public Library Wong Ieng Kuan, named after the man who sponsored its construction in 1996. A picnic area follows it.

Behind the Library is the Public Swimming Pool. Passing the Nine Curves Bridge we enter an area of paths and retreats and the exercise path which surrounds the entire park. Lotus, a species traditionally planted in Macau and China, for its beauty and symbolism, is found in a round Greenhouse. Around the Greenhouse, one can try the foot massage path. This path, made of smooth rocks, is extremely popular in most of the gardens in Macau.

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