The Wine Museum of Macau

Wine Museum of Macau, Macau Attractions, Macau Travel GuideThis is the only known museum in the world that dedicated to subject of Portuguese wine. The museum collection has over 1100 wine bands, some dated back hundreds year ago. It also has a full range of information on wine development.

The Wine Museum of Macau, is a space of cultural, recreational and cultural characteristics, where the visitor has a date with the History of the Wine and the Vineyard and the wine production and with a complete exhibition of vintage and new wines. Among the newly brewed wine, about 50 varieties of them are offered for tasting, which provides people a rare chance to experience the famous wine.

Throughout the space divided in three main parts - Historical information, Cellar/Museum, Wines Exhibition. These sections systematically introduces the brewery, the history of the growth of grape and the tools and utensils used for brewery, presenting to the visitor the modern and traditional tools connected to the wine production.

In an exhibition space of 1400 square meters, the Museum presents an allotment of more than 1115 brands of wine, with 756 commercial wines and 359 collection wines, the oldest being a 1815 Madeira Wine, possible to find, among others, in the Cellar-Museum area.

Macau Wine Museum, Macau Attractions, Macau Travel GuideThere is another group of exhibits of porcelain bricks decorated with colored drawings belonging to the 18th century in the museum, in which some are original and some are replica. The drawings on the porcelain bricks concern grape wine and vineyard.

In addition, a set of mannequins was displayed with various regional dresses of different regions of Portugal.

The museum brings the visitor into contact with the development of the wine brewery as well as the social, economical and cultural importance of the wine in the Portuguese tradition, daily life and celebration rituals.

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