Ningbo Nightlife

Theatre & Concert

Ningbo Theater, Ningbo Nightlife, Ningbo Travel GuideNingbo Yifu Theater
Add: #187 Jiefang S. Rd., Ningbo
Description: Founded in 1973, Ningbo Yifu Theater, possessing over 960 seats, is one of the main sites for theatrical performance and local opera performance in Ningbo.
Tel: 87294454

Ningbo Lanjiang Theater
Add: #53 Renmin Rd., Ningbo
Description: The two-storied Lanjiang Theater, holding 900 audiences at the same time, is one of the main sites for theatrical performance and local opera performance in Ningbo.
Tel: 87356057

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs

Ningbo Spring Hotel Nightclub
Add: #37 Xingning Road, Ningbo
Tel: 87877888
Description: It offers a set of programs consisting of song and dance performances and fashion shows etc.
Open Hour: 9pm-11: 30pm

Donggang Grand Hotel Nightclub
Add: 52 Rainbow N. Road, Ningbo
Tel: 87373188
Open Hour: 9pm-11: 30pm


Ningbo Minguang Film Town
Add: #331 Kaiming Street, Ningbo
Tel: 87191032
Description: Located in the busiest downtown area, it consists of four projection halls and more than 500 seats.
Open Hour: 9am-9pm

Ningbo Film Town
Add: #22 Jiangzuo Street, Ningbo
Description: Founded in 1991, the large hall of the film town can hold over 800 people.
Tel: 87368321
Open Hour: 9am-9pm

Ningbo Tiancheng Leisure Town
Add: Wangchun, Ningbo
Tel: 87777449
Description: Located inside the Wangchun Industrial Town of the western suburban area of Ningbo, it is a comprehensive site for dining, boarding and entertaining. Inside the Leisure Town, there are bowling alley, swimming pool, tennis court, billiard room, and the chess and cards room etc.
Open Hour: 11am-1am

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