Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area

Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area, Ningbo Attractions, Ningbo Travel GuideThe Xikou Xuedou Mountains Scenic Area was referred to as "Penglai (a famous tourist attraction in Shandong Province) at Sea" even in Han Dynasty.

Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area, situated in the eastern fringe of Siming Mountain, is 37km north from Ningbo city. The scenic area covers an area of 32.6km2 is made up of three scenic spots, namely Xikou Town, Mount Xuedou and Tingxia Lake with famous Shanshui Ancient Temple, Native Place of Jiang Jie-shi and Secluded Valleys and Waterfalls, is one of the well-known scenic areas in Zhejiang Province. Picturesque and historic and more famous as the native place of modern historical figures of Jiang Jie-shi and Jiang Jing-guo, Xikou Town has been frequented by tourists at home and abroad. Xuedou Mountain has been called "The First Mountain in Siming Mountains", is situated 8 km. northwest of Xikou Town whose altitude is over 600 meters above the sea level. It features unique cliffs and tempting waterfalls and deep streams, and more eye-opening are such spots as Xuedou Temple, Miaogao Terrace and Qianzhangyan Waterfalls. Situated south of Xuedou and above Shanxi with its water area as large as that of seven West Lakes in Hangzhou. Tingxia Lake area has beautiful natural landscape of lake and mountains with the lake surface occupying 5.9 square meters, where they are rich in fish and fruits. Atop the dam scenic spots like Shanyuan Baqu and Gaoai Shengjing feed your eye. The whole area, boasting high mountains and deep waters, is an ideal tourist resort. It was announced as one of the 18 province-level scenic spots in August 1985 and listed as a state-level key scenic area by State Councils in January 1994.

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