Zhenhaikou Coastal Defense Relics

Zhenhaikou Coastal Defense Relics of Ningbo, Ningbo Attractions, Ningbo Travel Guide

Zhenhaikou Coastal Defense Relics, Situated on the coast of the East China Sea, Zhenhai has been known from ancient times as "Hai Tian Xiong Zhen"--"grand town facing the sea" and "Zhe Dong Men Hu"--"gateway of east Zhejiang Province". It is here the Yongjiang River, which receives the Yuyao River and Fenghua River at Sanjiangkou in the downtown of Ningbo City, flows Ningbo Zhenhaikou Coastal Defense Relics, Ningbo Attractions, Ningbo Travel Guideeastward into the sea. Right at the mouth of the Yongjiang River on its north and south banks stand Zhaobao Hill and Golden Rooster Hill, which are like a gate that guards the town against the water of the East China Sea. Thus it has its name "Zhenhaikou" or "the Door of East Zhejiang". For its position, Zhenhaikou has been a major defense base of the southeast coast of China in history. Being one of the major battlefields in the Anti-Japanese and Anti-British wars, a castle built on the mountain by the name of "Weiyuan Castle", contains a lot of well preserved coastal defense relics that are large in scale and rich in type. It is one of the major historical and cultural sites under the state protection and one of the state patriotism education bases.

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