Shuanglin Temple

Shuanglin Temple of Pingyao, Pingyao Attractions, Pingyao Travel GuideThe Shuanlin Buddhist Temple is located in Qiaotou Village, 7km southwest of Pingyao city, and is part of the World Heritage Site of Pingyao. It can be reached by bicycle, motor-rickshaw or taxi. It was founded 1400 years ago in the 6th century during the Northern Wei period. The buildings were extensively renovated during the Ming Dynasty. It is famous for its collection of over two thousand decorated clay statues dating from the 12th-19th centuries. The statues are distributed among 10 halls in three connected courtyards. They are indeed a valuable treasure in the field of art.

The temple faces to the south and covers 14,000 square meters which include 10 main halls and 3 meditation rooms. It is made up of 11 temple palaces and halls in three compounds. The Heavenly King Hall, the Sakyamuni Hall, the Main Hall, and the Buddhist Patriarch Hall are arranged along the temple gate.

Pingyao Shuanglin Temple, Pingyao Attractions, Pingyao Travel Guide