The Temple of the City god

Pingyao Temple of City God, Pingyao Attractions, Pingyao Travel GuideThe Temple of the City God of Pingyao is in the east part of town. An ancient Taoist temple which boosts deeply religious, historical and cultural value, the temple was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty and was rebuilt several times during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The present building dates back to the Qing Dynasty. It follows the Qing style of architecture. It has an elevation of 7,302 square meters with double eaves, cloisters, pavilions and glazed components.

The temple is composed of four parts: the Liucaofu, Tuditang, Zaojun and Caishen temple, and is well preserved. The great gate, opera tower, halls, and bedrooms are arranged into four parallel courtyards. There is also a drum and bell tower near the entrance. This is a typical Taoist building. The structure was not only designed as a temple, but also as a government office.

The Temple is rich in history and culture. Here Buddhism, Taoism and residential customs are combined. Within the temple walls are exquisite statues, murals and sculptures.